Ryan White is a passionate, earnest storyteller embarking on a new journey in an already long and fruitful independent career. His debut solo effort, Cry Wolf, mixes the hard-edged tone from his days as front-man of Resident Hero with a soulful, melodic acoustic feel to create a fresh and unique sound. Produced by Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle) in Nashville, on the belief in White as an artist from prior endeavors and future potential, the album itself is a raw but lush collection that showcases White’s “embarrassingly autobiographical” nature as a writer. Having assembled a band to tour on the record (Steve Bernal on cello, bass, keys, Jonathan Scott on drums), White is poised again to make an impact on the national independent scene.

10 years ago, as an idealistic youth, White moved from Texas to Los Angeles in pursuit of his musical aspirations, leaving behind a loyal regional following he’d built upon since the age of 17 in Resident Hero. The moniker continued in Los Angeles with a newer line-up, and after settling in the city, contributed vocals to 3 tracks on Flyleaf’s platinum debut album (2004), won a national battle of the bands competition (Sammy Hagar’s shot at Cabo Wabo 2005), released 2 EPs (2005-06), and toured nationally with artists such as Flyleaf, Fair to Midland, Sick Puppies, Kill Hannah, 12 Stones and Skillet (2006-10).

During the long touring cycle, White’s band partnered with Madmac entertainment and showcased for “literally every major at least once”. Trusting his instincts and choosing patience over the “wrong deal”, Resident Hero went into the studio and recorded Look with Brian Virtue (2009). After releasing on a small online label and touring until they had “forty-seven dollars” left in their band fund, Resident Hero gave up the fight in 2011.

Many artists have given up and moved onto the next phase in life at that moment, but White’s love of music taught him lessons and helped him move forward. After trying a pop project (Bird’s of New York) that itself showcased for a few labels, and an experimental drum-loop infused dual vocalist rock act (Side/Winders), White set off on a solo acoustic tour to “find inspiration again”. What he found was that passionate kid inside of himself; the love of making music on an acoustic guitar… and the intimacy of connecting with someone through it. Returning from that trip, White’s new sound was born. He had to give up his other projects and focus on what fulfilled him.

Brian Virtue had seen one of his acoustic shows, and convinced White to Kickstart an album that he would produce. Gathering fantastic players and a composer who was a fan of Resident Hero, the team went to work. The album, in White’s own words: “There was a time a few months ago when I was genuinely concerned that I’d already written my best work… that I was just a shell of that man. The making of Cry Wolf from conception to completion has been the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life. Just to make music that I’m this proud of… and making an experience for the listener. That’s really great. No one makes record albums anymore.”

In May Ryan White moved back from Los Angeles to Austin, TX, to focus everything on music. Looks like he moved home with the same idealism he left with.