Guitar World Features Vendetta Black by Lullwater with Ryan White

I remember first learning how to play my favorite songs in the back of Guitar World Magazine. I had stacks of them. Being quoted in it is pretty surreal. While touring with Lullwater, getting to know them, and performing with them, I felt that they could carry the torch of Resident Hero’s Vendetta Black. This is the result of that collaboration.

Take a look at the full write-up at Guitar World by CLICKING HERE. Or, just enjoy the new version of Vendetta Black by Lullwater and myself by clicking play below:

Ryan White & Okapi Revival – Opening for Flyleaf!

Okay, so our first show together as a band just became our second show together. Why, you ask? My new band, Ryan White & Okapi Revival, will now have its first show opening for Flyleaf at The Glass House in Pomona, CA on March 12th, 2015. For tickets, CLICK HERE. See you there!

First Show with New Band!

Now announcing our first show as a band, and my first show with a group in far too long. New music, new direction, possibly the best band I’ve been a part of. I’m extremely proud and excited. March 19th, 11pm, The Hotel Cafe. Please help us start this journey off with a bang… hell. An explosion. Also, we’re currently accepting ideas for band names :).

2014 U.S. Tour Dates Live!

I’m very excited to announce that the tour dates for my 2014 tour with Flyleaf and LullWater are now live! We will be touring the United States from October 3rd through November 17th and will be stopping in most major cities along the way. Head over to the Tour page to see the full list of dates and purchase your tickets starting September 5th!

Home Digital Single Added to the Store

It has been asked for countless times and we’ve finally released it for purchase. The single “Home” is now available for digital download in the store. Check it out!

Resident Hero – The Brown EP Now Available In The Store

While moving recently from Los Angeles to Austin, TX we uncovered over 100 copies of Resident Hero – The Brown EP in a box. These are being sold as first come first serve because once they’re all sold out that’s it for the physical copies. To buy one for yourself head over to the store or click the link below.

Buy Resident Hero – The Brown EP on

Nanoblock Reviews “Cry Wolf”

The online music review site Nanoblock has recently reviewed my debut solo album “Cry Wolf”, check out these samples of what each reviewer said below. Or to read the full review click here.

Greg said:

The shimmering brilliance to the record is the anticipation. If you begin to think it is predicable, you’re given a curve-ball.

Clay’s take:

 His percussive guitar strumming and punching vocals literally make the little hairs on my arms stand on end.

Thank you to those who have purchased my debut album so far via iTunes or through our online store! Store Now Live!

After getting many requests about where to purchase a physical copy of my latest album Cry Wolf, we decided it was time to add a Store section to the website! Currently there is only one product available, my debut solo album Cry Wolf. However look for more things to come including some rare items that have been stashed away for a number of years!

Cry Wolf Now Available on iTunes

The day has come and now my debut solo album Cry Wolf is now available for purchase on iTunes:

To purchase “Cry Wolf” via iTunes click here!

This has been a long journey, starting with my Kickstarter project almost one year ago. During this time I have learned much about myself as an artist and the reception thus far from those who were able to sample the album early has been nothing short of outstanding. If you are a Kickstarter backer and had trouble with the initial download, please use the contact form to send us a note and we will be more than happy to get your digital copy into your hands.


Debut Album “Cry Wolf” Release Date – May 7th

At long last, my debut album Cry Wolf is scheduled for release this upcoming Tuesday, May 7th on iTunes. If you are one of my Kickstarter supporters, you should have received an e-mail from Kickstarter with your digital download password. I truly consider it my best and most unique work, and I literally could not have written and recorded this album without your support. Because of you I was able to watch a small orchestra cut strings to my music; a lifelong dream. Because of you I’m able to restart my career as an artist.

I have this to ask of you: if you love it, if you hate it, tell people. I’m doing this all without a label, manager, or booking agent. If you have ideas, send them to me and I’ll do my best to follow through. If you know of places that review CDs, tell me and I’ll send an album out. Feel free to write your own review, even if you think it’s garbage. Between all of us, there’s no reason why it can’t be heard by a lot, lot of people. Due to the level of quality and time we invested in recording, costs were increased and I’m having to push back the vinyl production for a few months, but the CDs are in and ready to ship. Through the process we slightly mis-calculated how expensive everything would be in the end, but every dollar you gave went towards what you’re about to hear.
To those who are Kickstarter for the album, please e-mail me if your pledge included a copy of the CD or other items. I will need your addresses so I can start sending everything out. Also, if you can, please try to discourage massive burnings, all of these sales go directly towards future products and touring from myself.
Thank you so much.